Why anyone should use Velvit Oil

Established in 1972, Velvit Products Company has manufactured a fine line of wood finish products for a variety of special markets.

Velvit Products Company, located in Neenah, Wisconsin, 45 miles south of Green Bay, and 100 miles north of Milwaukee supplies the interior and exterior finishes for the log home industry as well as conventional home builders, woodworking businesses, gunsmithing academies, professional wood crafters, furniture manufactures, restoration specialists and woodworking hobbyist.

Velvit Products Company takes pride in making high quality products.  If you have any questions at all, please give me a call at (336) 584-4228 or drop me an email at jim@shopdogturnery.  If I do not know the answer I will certainly find out for you, or will put you in direct contact with someone who does know the answer.  Of course, as I am merely a conduit between the folks at Velvit Oil and you; I welcome you to give them a call directly at (920) 722-8355 or fax them at (920) 722-8456.  I, and the folks in Neenah are happy to assist you.  We are looking forward to doing business with you.

ONE COAT DOES IT ALL .... Stains, fills, seals, finishes, protects, beautifies.

THE FINISH WILL NOT peel, crack, wrinkle

THE FINISH IS HARD AND TOUGH, RESISTING: Alcohol, hot liquids, common stains and many harsh chemicals.

VELVIT OIL is scientifically formulated to achieve deep penetration into the wood. The pigment combined with VELVIT OIL penetrates together. In the curing process, the wood fibers are hardened and reinforced beneath the surface. This also bonds the color in, producing a beautiful, color-fast and durable finish.

ECONOMICAL: Material costs are drastically cut due to the fact that VELVIT OIL stains, fills, seals, finishes, protects and beautifies in one application. Coverage is excellent -- approximately 250 square feet per gallon. Labor costs are also drastically reduced because only one application is required.

DOORS, FLOORS, WOODWORK, PANELING, ... finished with VELVIT OIL make your home more beautiful.

Small items such as PICTURE FRAMES, CUTTING BOARDS, WOOD SALAD SETS, SHELVING, GUN STOCKS, ETC. are easy to do and will preserve the natural wood beauty.

UNFINISHED FURNITURE OR REFINISHING FURNITURE in either hard or soft wood will be more elegant, and durable using VELVIT OIL WOOD FINISH. And it's more economical too.