Items for Sale Policy:
Many of the items I have listed for sale are exactly the item you see in the photo.  Others are made on request and may vary from the exact photo.  I will endeavor to make the item to your exact specifications, but occasionally they will rhyme rather than match exactly.

Return Policy:
If, on delivery, for any reason you are not satisfied with the item you have purchased, get in touch with me via email at or by phone on (336) 584-4228 and I will either make it right or give you a refund of the full amount.

Durability Policy:
These items are wood and wood tends to fade when left in the sun, and moves with changes in humidity and temperature.  Thus a piece several years old will not be the same as it was when new.  Usually this results in the patina of age, a beautifying addition to wood.  If in the future you wish the patina removed via a "touch-up", please contact me and we will make arrangements for you to send the item back to me and I will do my best to bring it back to the original luster.

Time to Delivery:
For direct purchase items I will ship within a few days of when an order arrives.  For custom items you and I will work out a timeline for the completion of the object, the price, and the estimated shipping cost before any work is begun.  I will then keep you posted on progress via email and the instagram site.

Privacy Policy:
For commission work, images of work done on your behalf will be posted to the shopdog instagram site, and be included in the commissions section of this site, allowing you to follow on instagram and see the progress of your piece (along with others in progress at the same time).

No non-commercial information posted on a public site will ever be associated with any identifying information without your explicit permission.  Whether it is commission work or direct purchase, I will never sell, share, give away, or otherwise distribute any information that could be linked to you, your physical address, phone number or your email address.  Of course I will provide links to businesses for which I have done work, so that a viewer might visit their site if they are interested in whatever line of commerce it might be.  In short:  If I do work for an individual I will not post any identifying information.  If the work is for a business I will post links, assisting with advertising the business.