A very brief history of my turning

My first try at turning occurred when I was about eight years old.  I broke the smokestack on a sand-lot dump truck my dad made for me.  When I came to him for a repair he put me on a box at the lathe and had me make the new one from a bit of birch dowel.  Some fifty years later I found the dump truck in the barn, serving as home for a family of opossums.  I rescued the smokestack and still have it in the turnery.  The lathe is still in use as well, residing with a nephew who is, among other things, a fine knife maker.

After lots of years of an on-again, off-again relation with wood I began working seriously in the late 1980's.  In '93 my son Josiah and I built a free-standing shop in the back yard and the Turnery was born.  I have learned the craft largely on my own, but have gained a great deal from a stint at Arrowmont with Michael Mocho and Mark St. Leger, attendance at several American Association of Woodturners' symposia, participation in our local bi-annual symposium, the North Carolina Woodturners' Symposium, and, perhaps most importantly, membership in the Piedmont Triad Woodturners' Association,  where I am currently President.


  • June 6, 2015: Palmetto Woodturners, Tipply Box demo
  • November 1-3, 2013:  NC Woodturners' Symposium, Profile Turning, Intro to Bowls and Platters
  • June 12, 2013:  Piedmont Triad Woodturners, Profile Turning
  • June 1&2, 2013:  Tri-Cities Woodturners, Tipply Box demo and workshop
  • February 16&17, 2013:  Carolina Mountain Woodturners, Bowl and Gavel Demos, Tipply box workshop
  • October 23-25, 2009: NC Woodturning Symposium, Intro to Bowls and Platters, Texturing

Other Than Turning

When I am not turning I do a bit of flat woodwork and spend quite a bit of time working around our small tree farm here in North Carolina.  I also am quite involved in photography; visit my Fine Art America site here.  Additionally I have a bit of a distraction from woodworking in that I am the Chair of the Department of Economics at Elon University.



Some time back a student needed a subject for an exercise in a Communications class.  This is the result.

Elon University's quarterly magazine, The Magazine of Elon was kind enough to feature me in a regular section entitled "Campus Uncommons".  You can read the article by following this link.